My Updated Nude Lip Routine


Now since nude lips are my safe lip color and go with every last one of my looks, I’ve been experimenting lately with new products. Ive noticed that I fell into sort of a routine of using the same things all of time and I wanted to switch up the majority of my routines to see what else is out there.

Here are the products that I use:

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The Best Red Lipsticks for Everyone… Seriously

Optimized-red lips post cover

As I’ve written before, red lips are something that I think everyone should at least try once. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about achieving this whether it being a more classic red lip with a matching red lip liner, or a more modern ombre effect red lip with a darker lip liner.

If you would like to achieve any kind of red lip, here are a few options for you to choose from. There is everything from more orange-reds, to blue toned reds, and multiple finishes from mattes, to creams and for many different price ranges including drugstore and high end options. I hope you can find your perfect red lip!

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Panther Review

wet n wild panther

I was in my local drugstore trying to grab a heating pad for this extremely cold weather that we’ve been having here in Georgia, and I also knew I needed a new matte, black eyeshadow so I looked for that as well. I came across a display of Wet N Wild products and Panther was the very last color that they had available. It was the last of its kind and so of course that means that we’re supposed to be together. I measure the quality of an eyeshadow with the entire quality of the brand itself. That’s just my personal opinion, if an eyeshadow from a brand is unsatisfactory, then there’s not really much else that I can expect from the company. Sometimes, I can be wrong about this, but it all boils down to the little things.

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A Little Haul for the End of Fall

haul time

This past weekend (December 21-22) was the official beginning of winter, so I decided to pick up a few products from my local Walgreen’s. While I have been out shopping for others this holiday season, I thought I should do a little drugstore haul for myself. I mean it is better to give than to receive, however, you cannot forget yourself during this time of year.

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