My Updated Nude Lip Routine


Now since nude lips are my safe lip color and go with every last one of my looks, I’ve been experimenting lately with new products. Ive noticed that I fell into sort of a routine of using the same things all of time and I wanted to switch up the majority of my routines to see what else is out there.

Here are the products that I use:

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My Birthday Haul

Optimized-birthday haul

Hey guys!

I feel so much better that the posting schedule has changed! It’s like a worry has been lifted off of my chest and I can enjoy blogging again!!!

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Debit Damage: First Haul of 2015 Edition


Recently, Ive been in a little bit of a hauling kind of mood and I know this makes my third haul in the past two months but I can guarantee that this is my last haul for a while. This is a list of items that I’ve purchased, and their links and prices will be included. I have not used any of these yet, but as usual there will always be a review on each item and those will be up shortly.

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The Beauty Blogger Tag

picture from
picture from

Are you guys as excited about my first More Than Beauty post as I am?! Okay, I may have stretched the truth a little bit on the first part, but I couldn’t resist doing this tag. I’ve seen the beauty blogger tag many times before and I couldn’t  not do it. I think tags are a great way for bloggers/YouTubers and readers/viewers to get to know each other a little better.

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