The Best Red Lipsticks for Everyone… Seriously

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As I’ve written before, red lips are something that I think everyone should at least try once. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about achieving this whether it being a more classic red lip with a matching red lip liner, or a more modern ombre effect red lip with a darker lip liner.

If you would like to achieve any kind of red lip, here are a few options for you to choose from. There is everything from more orange-reds, to blue toned reds, and multiple finishes from mattes, to creams and for many different price ranges including drugstore and high end options. I hope you can find your perfect red lip!

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Matte Lipstick: 101

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Today we are going to talk about my absolute favorite lipstick finish: matte! I absolutely love a matte lip; it’s just something about it that makes me like it a little more than crème or lustre finishes. I love the coverage, all of the color options, and the fact that I don’t have to touch up super often. They look perfect anywhere at any time of the day whether its going to work, school, or out on the town. Wearing matte lipstick changed the way I felt about lipsticks in general. To some, matte lipsticks can be very intimidating, but to day I’m going to teach you the best way to wear matte lipsticks.

 Definition- The definition of “matte” is something that is dull, flat and without shine. Matte lipsticks are exactly the same, meaning they don’t have any shine or shimmer. From experience, they have a lot better staying power in comparison to other glossier finishes. Matte lipsticks tend to be more pigmented and have better staying power and coverage.

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MAC x Nasty Gal Runner Lipstick Review




Remember when I wrote that post announcing the collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Nasty Gal Clothing? Well I decided that I knew for sure that I absolutely had to buy at least one of the lipsticks named Stunner, Runner, and Gunner. I ended up buying Runner, the burgundy color. I received it via the standard UPS shipping that took less than a week to get to my house. This was my first ever MAC lipstick purchase, so this is a pretty big deal for me!

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MAC x Nasty Gal Collection


This just in! Well, not technically, but for those of you who haven’t heard already, MAC Cosmetics is doing a collection with the best fashion website known to all lovers of fashion, Nasty Gal. Now, I have a few MAC products but I don’t purchase things from Nasty Gal. I tend to just lustfully dream of buying from there.

Anyhoo, in this collection there will be three lipsticks and one nail polish included in this collection. It was first released on MAC Cosmetic’s Twitter page on October 21st with the caption, “Oh yes… coming at you in December. Get your on! “.

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MAC Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream Review


For about 3 months I’ve had the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Cream. When my mother bought it for me, I was very skeptical to see if it would actually work, or even do anything at all. However, I am always ready to try something new, so I decided to give it a chance.

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Different Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliner is an important tool used to define and elongate the eyes. There are many different ways to apply eyeliner and even more types that you can choose from. I will be telling you five different products that you can use to line your eyes.

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