A Quick Guide to MAC Lipstick Finishes


The famous MAC Cosmetics is the very first company that I was introduced to when it came to non-drugstore cosmetics companies. They have some of the better products on the market and their products have been worn by celebrities, makeup artists, and the everyday lady alike. When a new trend is trending, I have noticed that there is always a way it can be done with MAC products. MAC was started in Toronto, Canada in 1985 and everything after that was complete history. This company has multiple products and could essentially be the only brand in your collection because they have everything from skincare and lashes to foundations and concealers. They have collaborated with other brands such and Hello Kitty, Nasty Gal and The Simpson’s to pop sensations such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Marilyn Monroe. Another admirable part of MAC Cosmetics is their Viva Glam lipstick line, introduced in 1994, in which they donate all of the proceeds from Viva Glam lipsticks to the MAC AIDS Funds is donated “to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS.” There have been many celebrities with their own limited edition Viva Glam lipsticks such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and sometime this year Miley Cyrus.

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My Current Eyebrow Routine

Brows are the new black

Hey everybody!

Today I am going to be taking you guys step-by-step through my current eyebrow routine. The very first thing I started to learn makeup-wise was about eyebrows from JJ of BeautybyJJ. I then started tailoring it to my specific desires. I’ve played with everything from application styles and tools to shapes and colors and anything in between. I really like how I’m doing them and I thought I would share it with you all!

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Debit Damage: First Haul of 2015 Edition


Recently, Ive been in a little bit of a hauling kind of mood and I know this makes my third haul in the past two months but I can guarantee that this is my last haul for a while. This is a list of items that I’ve purchased, and their links and prices will be included. I have not used any of these yet, but as usual there will always be a review on each item and those will be up shortly.

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MAC x Nasty Gal Runner Lipstick Review




Remember when I wrote that post announcing the collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Nasty Gal Clothing? Well I decided that I knew for sure that I absolutely had to buy at least one of the lipsticks named Stunner, Runner, and Gunner. I ended up buying Runner, the burgundy color. I received it via the standard UPS shipping that took less than a week to get to my house. This was my first ever MAC lipstick purchase, so this is a pretty big deal for me!

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MAC x Nasty Gal Collection


This just in! Well, not technically, but for those of you who haven’t heard already, MAC Cosmetics is doing a collection with the best fashion website known to all lovers of fashion, Nasty Gal. Now, I have a few MAC products but I don’t purchase things from Nasty Gal. I tend to just lustfully dream of buying from there.

Anyhoo, in this collection there will be three lipsticks and one nail polish included in this collection. It was first released on MAC Cosmetic’s Twitter page on October 21st with the caption, “Oh yes… coming at you in December. Get your on! “.

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MAC Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream Review


For about 3 months I’ve had the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Cream. When my mother bought it for me, I was very skeptical to see if it would actually work, or even do anything at all. However, I am always ready to try something new, so I decided to give it a chance.

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