The Best Red Lipsticks for Everyone… Seriously

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As I’ve written before, red lips are something that I think everyone should at least try once. There are a couple of different ways that you can go about achieving this whether it being a more classic red lip with a matching red lip liner, or a more modern ombre effect red lip with a darker lip liner.

If you would like to achieve any kind of red lip, here are a few options for you to choose from. There is everything from more orange-reds, to blue toned reds, and multiple finishes from mattes, to creams and for many different price ranges including drugstore and high end options. I hope you can find your perfect red lip!

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My First Colour Pop Cosmetics Purchase

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One company that I’ve been seeing rise on YouTube and in the beauty community is Colour Pop Cosmetics. They are an American made cosmetics company based out of southern California. They are an animal-friendly cosmetics that doesn’t test on animals. Colour Pop also develop and manufacture their own products themselves with many different finishes of eyeshadows as well as lip products. Their lip products even have the cutest names, lip pencils are referred to as Lippie Pencils and the lipsticks are called Lippie Stix.

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MAC x Nasty Gal Runner Lipstick Review




Remember when I wrote that post announcing the collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Nasty Gal Clothing? Well I decided that I knew for sure that I absolutely had to buy at least one of the lipsticks named Stunner, Runner, and Gunner. I ended up buying Runner, the burgundy color. I received it via the standard UPS shipping that took less than a week to get to my house. This was my first ever MAC lipstick purchase, so this is a pretty big deal for me!

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