A Quick Announcement and a Small Change

Hey guys!

I am so so sorry that I haven’t been posting for the past two weeks. 🙁 BUT I do want to talk to you all about something.

I plan to change my posting schedule effective as of February 23, 2015. Instead of Monday, Tuesday, and Friday’s, it’ll just be Tuesday and Friday.

Define Her Allure is such a big part of my life and writing here is the one of the better parts of my day, so I want to be able to give you guys quality writing. I want to be able to give you quality over quantity and not post a bunch of things that I don’t really like just for the sake of posting.

Changing my posting schedule to Tuesday and Friday will help me to juggle everything that is important in life, such as this website, school, and my freelancing business.

So in a nutshell, I’ll only be posting Tuesday’s and Friday’s from now on and they will be a lot more consistent than they have been in the past month.

P.S. I still might do more than two posts on certain weeks when something really interesting happens! 🙂

P.P.S. If you got to the bottom of this post then SURPRISE!!! I’ll also start doing giveaways soon! Mention me on Twitter and let me know the things that you would like me to give away.

With all my love,

Bettina J.