Cleaning Candles for Pretty Storage



When I initially started growing my makeup collection, I started out with buying a lot of brushes. In the beginning I didn’t really need a brush holder, because I didn’t have enough brushes to put in one, but after my collection got a little bigger, the need for one was more apparent. The first thing in my mind to do was to go on YouTube and see what all of the other girls were doing, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t use the same things that they were using. My space was really limited and I didn’t have any money at the time. So necessity became the mother of invention, well, in this case innovation. I decided to do some research to figure out how to clean out my empty candles so I could use them for pretty storage.

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Red Lips: Reloaded


For quite a long time, red lips have been a statement and a classic at the same time. It is perfect for any occasion and there’s no doubt that it is a very beautiful thing. Anyone can wear a red lip, always remember that and don’t let anyone tell you anything differently. There are two ways that I usually wear a red lip and this one is my favorite. Recently, there has been a change in the traditional way that the red lip is done.  This type of red lip is a little more modern and edgier than its predecessor. Depending on what you like, you can wear this in an everyday type of setting as well as for a party or special occasion. I love the ombre effect of a red lip, because it adds a sultrier appearance, perfect for a quick statement without doing a smoky eye. Here’s a quick little guide to achieving my favorite type of red lip, what I like to call the “Red Lip: Reloaded”.

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Thirsty? Or Not? Ways to Drink More Water

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I try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, and I can honestly say for the most part I do pretty well. I eat pretty healthy and I work out no less than three times a week. However, I have the hardest problem with drinking water. It is super hard for me to even finish one bottle, let alone two bottles a day. So in order to complete my healthy living plan, I had to find a way for myself to drink more water.

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Liebster Award!


I was recently nominated by the lovely Nimisha of Nimi Notes for the Liebester Award and I am so honored. I love Nimisha’s blog and I think all of you should go and read it. The point of the Liebster Award is for the blogger community to show love to one another, rather than competing with each other. This is so important because the support from fellow bloggers means a lot to me. This award is also a great word for readers as well as other bloggers to learn about new blogs that are out there. All in all, this award is nice way of showing support and appreciation from one blogger to another.

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Posting Schedule For

blog schedule


I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that we now have a posting schedule!!! Now you guys will know when we will have new articles coming up! When your read them, please comment here and let us know what you think as well as what else you would like to see in the future. On Define Her Allure we will be posting three times a week. The following is a list of what to expect on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Friday’s. Starting next week the following posts will be…

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