Top 7 Christian Louboutin Shoes


Christian Louboutin is a brand that is synonymous with classic style and innovative creation. Even more recognizable than his out of the box designs, his Chinese-red soles have become his trademark. This has been ever since he borrowed his assistant’s red nail polish in 1982 and painted the soles of his shoes red. The items that he has in his permanent collection range from $675 to around $1,500, so this definitely classifies as a fashion investment. If you’re thinking about getting your own pair of Louboutin’s then it would be a sure investment of your closet.

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“Neutral Isn’t So Boring Anymore”: Making Fashion Week Street Style Appropriate

MBFW 2014 Vivienne HuThis year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring of 2015 has come and gone and the aftermath has left us with excitement for the next season when we’ve barely gotten into fall.

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My Best Fashion Investment

Jepson booties

Do all investments have to break the bank? I don’t think so, because one of my favorite fashion investments to date was less than $50! This past year, I went through a complete style 360 and I changed my entire wardrobe. It became what I described as, very comfy, and casual with a modern grungy feel. Now, I know that may be hard to envision, but hopefully my favorite style investment will help you see it a little better.

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