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Brows are the new black

Hey everybody!

Today I am going to be taking you guys step-by-step through my current eyebrow routine. The very first thing I started to learn makeup-wise was about eyebrows from JJ of BeautybyJJ. I then started tailoring it to my specific desires. I’ve played with everything from application styles and tools to shapes and colors and anything in between. I really like how I’m doing them and I thought I would share it with you all!

I have a list of all the products and their prices and where you can get them down below as usual. I use two different gel eyeliners on my eyebrows: a brown and a black. Now I know you’re “not supposed to use black on your eyebrows” but my hair is dark and I only use a small amount. Honestly, you can’t ever tell and I’ve been getting way more compliments since I stopped using just brown. I think using a gel eyeliner for my brows makes them last a lot longer, especially when I set them with a powder or an eyeshadow afterwards. To clean up my brows I also use two different concealers, one in my shade and another a few shades lighter. I mix the two together to get my perfect shade for under my brows. I use the concealer in my skin tone to clean the top of my brows for a more natural look. I don’t ever want halo or highlighter brows, because I don’t want my face to scream “I’m wearing makeup! Look at me!!!” 🙂

I use the following products in my current brow routine: Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner In Brown, Wet N’ Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black, Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal in Medium/Deep, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Espresso, The Maybelline The Nudes Palette, MAC Cosmetics 266 Small Angled Eyeliner Brush, e.l.f. Essential Flat Eyeliner Brush and Face Secrets Dual Brow/Lash Brush.

  1. First, I take my MAC 266 brush and mix the black eyeliner and the brown eyeliner together and outline the bottom of my brow. Then I take just brown and outline the top. I do both brows at the same time, so I copy this step on the other side. MAC 266 small angled eyeliner brush
  1. Second, I take the a little bit of the brown and fill in the first ⅔ of my brow from the front.maybelline-gel-eyeliner-brown-review-swatchesWet N’ Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black
  1. After that, I take a little bit of the brown and black mixture (always taking more of the brown than the black) and fill in the last ⅓ of my brow and blend it in to the middle of the brow.
  1. I then take the L.A. Girl concealer in Espresso and mix it with the Maybelline concealer in Medium/Deep evenly. I outline the bottom of my brows with this concealer only. I only use Espresso on the top of my brows to avoid the halo/highlighter eyebrows.  LA Girl HD PRO Conceal ConcealerMaybelline-Master-Conceal-Camouflaging-Concealer1814_eyeliner-brush_zoom
  1. To set the brows I use the very last color on the top row of the Maybelline The Nudes Palette with my Face Secrets Dual Brow/Lash brush. Using the angled part, I run it through my eyebrows and take the spoolie side to lay them down. marked Maybelline t.n.p. eyebrow routineface secrets dual brow lash brush
  2. I use the top 3rd and 5th eyeshadows from the Maybelline The Nudes palette and highlight under my brow bone.brow highlight t.n.p. eyebrow routine

I hope you all enjoyed my brow routine! Let me know if you could easily follow along, because I’m thinking about starting back on my YouTube channel and this will definitely be one of my first videos! Follow me on Twitter to be updated immediately when new posts are out and also so we can chit chat about stuff! Subscribe to me here also, so you can get cool freebies, special offers, and any posts you may have missed throughout the week.

Thanks a billion


FTC: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this with my own money. This is also not a post containing affiliate links. All ideas and opinions are my own.


Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner in Brown $9.99

Maybelline the Nudes Palette in the Nudes $11.99

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal in Medium/Deep $8.99

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black $3.99

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Espresso $2.99

MAC Cosmetics 266 Small Angled Eyeliner Brush $20

e.l.f. Essential Flat Eyeliner Brush $1

Face Secrets Dual Brow/Lash Brush $6.49,default,pd.html


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