My First Colour Pop Cosmetics Purchase

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One company that I’ve been seeing rise on YouTube and in the beauty community is Colour Pop Cosmetics. They are an American made cosmetics company based out of southern California. They are an animal-friendly cosmetics that doesn’t test on animals. Colour Pop also develop and manufacture their own products themselves with many different finishes of eyeshadows as well as lip products. Their lip products even have the cutest names, lip pencils are referred to as Lippie Pencils and the lipsticks are called Lippie Stix.

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Panther Review

wet n wild panther

I was in my local drugstore trying to grab a heating pad for this extremely cold weather that we’ve been having here in Georgia, and I also knew I needed a new matte, black eyeshadow so I looked for that as well. I came across a display of Wet N Wild products and Panther was the very last color that they had available. It was the last of its kind and so of course that means that we’re supposed to be together. I measure the quality of an eyeshadow with the entire quality of the brand itself. That’s just my personal opinion, if an eyeshadow from a brand is unsatisfactory, then there’s not really much else that I can expect from the company. Sometimes, I can be wrong about this, but it all boils down to the little things.

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Debit Damage: First Haul of 2015 Edition


Recently, Ive been in a little bit of a hauling kind of mood and I know this makes my third haul in the past two months but I can guarantee that this is my last haul for a while. This is a list of items that I’ve purchased, and their links and prices will be included. I have not used any of these yet, but as usual there will always be a review on each item and those will be up shortly.

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App of the Month: Spotify


“Apps of the Month” are going to be a themed post that I plan on doing here at Define Her Allure this year as a part of my goal to be consistent with my MTM (More than Makeup) Monday posts, so here’s an idea! If you have any other suggestions for things that you would like to see me write about I would love to hear from you. Tweet me and let me know!

This past month has been super exciting as far as my apps have gone. I love trying out new apps, especially if they’re free, and that is what this months is: FREE. One thing that I love more than makeup and social media is music, so this app is right up my alley.

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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review


I love Maybelline products so much that my collection was started off of Maybelline products. When the Fit Me line came out I was so excited that I ran to my local drugstore and bought all the things I felt like I could use. Today I’m going to review my old faithful concealer, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I get it in the shade 30 Cafe.

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