Red Lips: Reloaded


For quite a long time, red lips have been a statement and a classic at the same time. It is perfect for any occasion and there’s no doubt that it is a very beautiful thing. Anyone can wear a red lip, always remember that and don’t let anyone tell you anything differently. There are two ways that I usually wear a red lip and this one is my favorite. Recently, there has been a change in the traditional way that the red lip is done.  This type of red lip is a little more modern and edgier than its predecessor. Depending on what you like, you can wear this in an everyday type of setting as well as for a party or special occasion. I love the ombre effect of a red lip, because it adds a sultrier appearance, perfect for a quick statement without doing a smoky eye. Here’s a quick little guide to achieving my favorite type of red lip, what I like to call the “Red Lip: Reloaded”.

First, you have to find the right red lip color for your skin tone. I personally like reds that have blue undertones because they make your teeth seem whiter and your smile seem brighter. Red lipsticks with more orange undertones are great as well, you just have to make sure your teeth are already white, because they will bring out any yellowness or stains in your teeth. Some red lipsticks that I like and suggest to you are the Wet n Wild “Stoplight”, “RiRi Woo” and “Ruby Woo” from MAC.

After you have decided on what red lipstick is for you, you should exfoliate and moisturize your lips when you are priming your face for your makeup. Red lips are one of the messier looks to achieve. When wearing a red lip, you want a smooth and clean surface to apply the red lipstick to in order for it to look the most flattering. This also eliminates the chances of it feathering faster and sinking into the lines of your lips. A sloppy red lip is very messy and hard to clean, so be careful. You want to apply all of your face makeup prior to lining your lips and applying your lipstick. It keeps everything a little more manageable.

Next, you should find a darker lip liner to line your lips. I suggest either a brown, or even a dark plum lip liner. Some of the lip liners that I suggest are: NYX “Expresso”, MAC “Vino”, MAC “Chestnut”, or even Rihanna’s “Talk that Talk” lip liner. Basically anything that’s a dark brown or plum color. I don’t suggest using black, as it is a little harsh for this look and is harder to blend with the red lipstick. After you have finished your face and eye makeup, you want to line your lips with the lip liner normally. Then, you want to go into the inner corners of your mouth and in a feathering sort of motion bring in the lip liner, so you can achieve the ombre effect that we’re going for. Make sure you go slowly. Since this is a dark color, you don’t want it smearing and smudging all over your face.

Once you’ve gotten that done, and then apply your red lipstick. However you normally apply your lipstick, do it that way whether it is with a lip brush or just straight from the tube.  At first, only apply it to the center of your mouth that doesn’t have any lip liner. Then gradually get closer and closer to the lip liner.

Once you have your lips covered, rub them together slowly so the liner and the lipstick blend together seamlessly. If you see any feathering or imperfections happening on your lips, then grab a small concealer brush and either your concealer in your shade or your foundation and go around the lines of your lips. This makes your red lips look crisp and cleaner. I suggest foundation over concealer, because you don’t want a haloing effect around your mouth.

A red lip can be worn anytime of the year, but I like to wear this mainly during this time of year. I hope you all try this look out this fall and holiday season. If you only like the traditional way with the matching lip liner and lipstick, then here is my blog post about how to get that. If you do try either of these out, mention me on Twitter and follow me so I can follow you back! Also, follow me on Pinterest, and Bloglovin’.

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