Mascara 101


If I haven’t mentioned it before, mascara is one of my definite makeup must haves. Mascara can be used to lengthen your lashes as well as add volume and thickness. Depending on the mascara formula and wand that you use is in direct correlation with the amount of volume and thickness that you will receive. However, if you add a little technique to your application, you’ll get better results.

If curling your lashes is something you do,  you should start curling your lashes at the root. After you curl your lashes, you can “set” the curl with at least one coat of mascara. Wiggle the wand gently from the root all the way until you reach the end of your lashes. You want product on every part of your lashes to give you thickness and length. If you only get product on the first half of your lashes from the root, then you will have thick, but short lashes. When you only get it on the middle to the ends of your lashes you will end up with lashes that appear to be floating.

Another mascara trick that I use every time that I apply mascara is that I add more than one coat. Back in the days of my pre-educated makeup application, I used to only do one coat. As soon as I started adding more than one coat, I noticed my eyelashes looked a lot fuller and thicker. After you apply your first coat, wait about twenty seconds and then add another coat. Don’t add too many coats because you’ll end up with spidery leg lashes (unless you like that sort of thing). Granted, I do have pretty long eyelashes, and when I apply mascara to my eyelashes it doesn’t take too much effort to get them the way that I like them. However, even if your eyelashes are quite short you can still get really nice length and volume.

I hope you guys can use these tricks for mascara application. I love making my lashes look longer, so I hope you guys can achieve that same look. Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite mascara is, because I am looking for a couple of new ones to try. Follow me on Twitter and lets talk with the hashtag #TTwithJ.

PS. Here’s a review of my favorite mascara at the moment. It gives me amazing length as well as volume. Also if you’re looking to splurge, here’s my favorite higher end mascara.

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