Top 7 Christian Louboutin Shoes


Christian Louboutin is a brand that is synonymous with classic style and innovative creation. Even more recognizable than his out of the box designs, his Chinese-red soles have become his trademark. This has been ever since he borrowed his assistant’s red nail polish in 1982 and painted the soles of his shoes red. The items that he has in his permanent collection range from $675 to around $1,500, so this definitely classifies as a fashion investment. If you’re thinking about getting your own pair of Louboutin’s then it would be a sure investment of your closet.

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“Neutral Isn’t So Boring Anymore”: Making Fashion Week Street Style Appropriate

MBFW 2014 Vivienne HuThis year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the spring of 2015 has come and gone and the aftermath has left us with excitement for the next season when we’ve barely gotten into fall.

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My Best Fashion Investment

Jepson booties

Do all investments have to break the bank? I don’t think so, because one of my favorite fashion investments to date was less than $50! This past year, I went through a complete style 360 and I changed my entire wardrobe. It became what I described as, very comfy, and casual with a modern grungy feel. Now, I know that may be hard to envision, but hopefully my favorite style investment will help you see it a little better.

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How to Buy Skin Care Products


Hey guys!!! I am so so sorry that I’ve been MIA for almost two weeks, but I will surely make it up to you guys. Here’s a quick MBM Style post.


Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs almost 60% of what you put on it, so taking care of it by using the right products is a must. Skincare is the essential beginning to beauty. Without skincare, you wouldn’t have the clean and clear canvas to show to the rest of the world. When standing in the aisle of your local drugstore trying to find the “perfect” skincare products can be somewhat confusing, but here’s a quick and easy guide to help you along.

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Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review


This summer, Maybelline released the first multiple nude shade drugstore eyeshadow palette. This palette, called the Nudes, features 12 nude and neutral shades that anyone can use. This palette is not only universal to any shade of person, but also to any skill level and style. The Nudes palette is also very reasonably priced, at $9.99.

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Mascara 101


If I haven’t mentioned it before, mascara is one of my definite makeup must haves. Mascara can be used to lengthen your lashes as well as add volume and thickness. Depending on the mascara formula and wand that you use is in direct correlation with the amount of volume and thickness that you will receive. However, if you add a little technique to your application, you’ll get better results.

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8 Things Every Girl Should Have In Their Purse

aldo bag sebok

Happy Labor Day to all of my United States readers and Happy More Than Beauty Monday to everyone!!!

I have been carrying purses ever since I was about 5. Being that I have a couple of years’ worth of experience, I have compiled a list of things that should be in every girl’s purse.

Regardless of whether or not you carry a huge purse, like I do, or a small cross body bag, some things you just shouldn’t leave the house without.

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