Calvin Klein’s CK One Color Mascara Review

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Are you ready for my first First Impression/Final Review Fridays?! I’m super excited for this one, because of course, it’s my first one. 🙂

In February I celebrated my birthday, and I got a coupon from Ulta to get a free mascara. When I went in to redeem it I was very excited to have a “high-end mascara”. I think I have mastered the art of drugstore mascaras and branching out into a new area was the best beauty related birthday gift ever.

I had just been in Ulta the day before, so all of my other necessities had already been purchased. The only thing I really wanted was my mascara. The lady who checked me out said that she only had the color Show, a true black, which wasn’t a problem with me being that I only wear black mascara anyways. The first thing I noticed that it was very nicely packaged. When I opened it I also saw that the tip of the container was twist-able. I looked online and it showed that the mascara wand was retractable. When you twist it in it provides more mascara to create volume and when you twist it out it lifts your lashes while lengthening them.  The construction of just the cap was mind blowing to me. I used to use two different mascaras because one gives me the volume that I need and the other one lengthens my lashes. Now, I can just use the CK One mascara instead of two different mascaras.

The CK One Color Mascara retails for $18 at Ulta. When you go on the Ulta website it shows you that there are five colors to choose from, Show (a true black), Confess (a soft black), Attract (a brown), Trip (violet), and Electrify (blue). I have never tried color mascara before, however that’s another blog for another day. 😉

All in all, I truly enjoy the mascara and I will be repurchasing it again.

I hope you all enjoyed the fist post for my Final Review Fridays! If you enjoyed it, leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite high end mascara as well as mention me on Twitter with the hashtag #FridayswithJ ! Follow me on Twitter so you can know exactly when I post a new blog. 🙂

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