MAC Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream Review


For about 3 months I’ve had the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Cream. When my mother bought it for me, I was very skeptical to see if it would actually work, or even do anything at all. However, I am always ready to try something new, so I decided to give it a chance.

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My Makeup Removal Routine

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I love getting all dolled up to go somewhere just as much as the next person, probably even a little more. Doing my makeup is the part that enjoy the most, but at the end of the night taking it all off was the worst for me. If you have that same problem or just need a way to remove all of your makeup in less than five minutes, then this is the post for you. All you need is a few products, less than five to be exact and you’ll be in bed in no time!
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Thirsty? Or Not? Ways to Drink More Water

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I try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, and I can honestly say for the most part I do pretty well. I eat pretty healthy and I work out no less than three times a week. However, I have the hardest problem with drinking water. It is super hard for me to even finish one bottle, let alone two bottles a day. So in order to complete my healthy living plan, I had to find a way for myself to drink more water.

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Calvin Klein’s CK One Color Mascara Review

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Are you ready for my first First Impression/Final Review Fridays?! I’m super excited for this one, because of course, it’s my first one. 🙂

In February I celebrated my birthday, and I got a coupon from Ulta to get a free mascara. When I went in to redeem it I was very excited to have a “high-end mascara”. I think I have mastered the art of drugstore mascaras and branching out into a new area was the best beauty related birthday gift ever.

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Liebster Award!


I was recently nominated by the lovely Nimisha of Nimi Notes for the Liebester Award and I am so honored. I love Nimisha’s blog and I think all of you should go and read it. The point of the Liebster Award is for the blogger community to show love to one another, rather than competing with each other. This is so important because the support from fellow bloggers means a lot to me. This award is also a great word for readers as well as other bloggers to learn about new blogs that are out there. All in all, this award is nice way of showing support and appreciation from one blogger to another.

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Ways to Get That Dewy Skin Look

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The dewy, natural look is the main finish that people have been wanting during the spring and summer months. Regardless of what season it is, a natural, dewy look provides a healthy and natural appearance to your makeup. For people who wear a more natural to almost matte finish all the time and want to branch out and try something new, here are a few tips to getting this look.

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The Beauty Blogger Tag

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Are you guys as excited about my first More Than Beauty post as I am?! Okay, I may have stretched the truth a little bit on the first part, but I couldn’t resist doing this tag. I’ve seen the beauty blogger tag many times before and I couldn’t  not do it. I think tags are a great way for bloggers/YouTubers and readers/viewers to get to know each other a little better.

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